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There are so many things that don’t look so good—when you see a big rise in your growing temperature. What is going to happen is a drop in yield for winegrowers; and—in the manner of problems—winemakers will experience maceration/extraction problems. Is temperature having an effect on the benchmark by which the New World once judged luxury wine prices. Get an unequivocal answer. Subscribe to Enologix with the new Green-Zone Climatology Consultants to get out of the current jams created by climate, problems like low yield and low cluster weight. The Green-Zone™ climate technology is inside the new Enologix due to be released March 2022. The truth about your growing season temperature (GST) is radical when the map of your property calls for profound change. Ask about Green Zone Irrigation model version 2. Need help determining the fate of the Bordeaux Grape Group in Napa Valley. The Green-Zone™ never shies away from this reality. It is one way for you to lead your team to envision wine growing to sales in terms of the historical growing season temperatures since the 1950s—which have increased far beyond the marketing maps of California wine-growing regions. There are many solutions from irrigation, to increasing yield to make the winemaking better.



Napa’s Many Climate Regions

Napa climes are ranked by it’s growing season temperature: Your Green-Zone™ is the temperature range of luxury wine-growing in the spatial distribution of the average temperature. Green-Zone™ Atlas and Green Enologix™ Software include climate decision support for vineyard installation, sustainability of ranches, and new winemaking requirements to sustain luxury priced cabernet based wines’ Style, Quality, and Aging Potential. The decline and rise of the existing suite of Bordeaux grapes are now occurring to the company.


Cabernet’s Optimum Temperature

Sustainability of the luxury price occurs when the grape’s optimum temperatures equal the growing temperature of the benchmark. Unfortunately, the trigger you cannot control is the optimum temperature of a grape variety. Perhaps it is 16ºC or 17ºC. But if the growing season temperature rises above 19ºC, there is an issue. Picking the right time to start replanting new varieties requires (1) the optimum temperature and (2) the spatial distribution of Cabernet’s Optimum Temperature.

Green Enologix® has invented a new Green-Zone™ PhenoFIT indices ( PI F5 ) to rank your current ranch block by block.


2022 Digital Irrigation Models

Green Enologix® has invented a new Green-Zone™ PhenoFIT indices ( PI F5 ) to rank your current ranch installations block by block. Research the sustainability of existing vineyards with Green Phenology™ core index (PI)


Green Enologix™ Software

When your goal is to raise awareness of your organization’s farming, we can curate a tailored series of vineyard events. Logistics is predicting the outcome before conducting summer farming. In March, we will publish the Seasonal Map for April. What is your plan’s strategy to improve harvest quality (Q)? Together we predict the May, June, and July temperature effects on harvest dates and Q.

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