Green-Zone™ Atlas Managed Services

The Critical ingredients

In addition to our Green-Zone™ Atlas, our mapping technology, we work with wineries to produce bespoke debates with company audiences. When your goal is to raise awareness of climate change, we curate a series of maps for Spring, Summer, and Fall. We can tailor maps to explore the return on investment or endorse your company’s sustainability in climate change.


Return on Investments

Return on investment (ROI) requires bespoke Green-Zone™ Map Sets to monitor the California future climate’s spatial distribution in a company’s appellation. The Green-Zone™ Atlas user may purchase bespoke maps to support the vineyard installation, sales, and new land purchases. Research the sustainability of existing vineyards with Green Phenology™ core index (PI)


Environmental Engineering

Sustainability is when the given grape variety’s optimum temperature matches the future temperature of the vineyard. But there’s the problem of the rootstocks’ optimum temperatures and water availability. Green Enologix® has invented a new Green-Phenology™ core index (PI) to measure your current installation.


Optimized Grape Purchase and Contract

The trigger you cannot control is the optimum temperature of your given grape variety. Perhaps it is 16ºC or 17ºC. But if the growing season temperature rises above 19ºC, there is a big issue. Picking the right time to start replanting new grape varieties requires (1) the given grape’s optimum temperature and (2) spatial distribution of the future min, mean, and max temperature of your appellation.


Estate Vineyard Climate

When your goal is to raise awareness of your organization’s farming, we can curate a tailored series of vineyard events. Logistics is predicting the outcome before conducting summer farming. In March, we will publish the Seasonal Map for April. What is your plan’s strategy to improve harvest quality (Q)? Together we predict the May, June, and July temperature effects on harvest dates and Q.

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